Welcome to Scarborough Fair!

After years of working within the fashion industry as an accessories manufacturer selling to high end establishments like Barney’s, Bloomingdales and Lord and Taylor, Katheryn Menaged, was ready to start a new chapter to her prestigious career in the industry. This new step was more personal, with a focus on taking care of women and herself.

Menaged had always dreamed of opening up a shop that celebrated the divine nature within women, a shop that offered an experience and a chance to feel special and beautiful in artful clothing, eccentric accessories and specialty hats. Her ultimate goal was to create an environment that was wrapped in enchantment and thus, Scarborough Fair was born.

Today the shop embodies the dream Menaged had of the eccentric, romantic, playful woman. With a nod to the shops proclaimed patron saint, Stevie Nicks, Menaged has successfully curated a beautiful collection that speaks to the romantic rocker and has captured what true enchantment looks like. Offering lines such as Lee Anderson and Nataya (a Russian born designer out of California) along with goddess-inspired fine art, handmade jewelry and vintage-inspired clothing, the shop has something for every woman. At the end of the day, however, the real magic of the shop lies in Menaged’s ability to find just the right piece for any woman walking into the shop. Her ability to style fashionable looks and bring out the divine beauty in women is what truly makes Scarborough Fair a shopping gem.  Nestled in the heart of St. Anthony Park, St. Paul, Minnesota, Scarborough Fair is Katheryn Menaged’s dream brought to life.

Scarborough Fair Spring 2017